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A Tectonic Plate In Your Living Room

Nazca is a tectonic plate, near Peru, where three different places come together. Besides that, Nazca is also the inspiration of a majestic sideboard made by Brabbu that is the perfect piece to your living room. Can you be inspired too?

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This sideboard is perfect for your living room. Have you ever imagined a tectonic plate in the center of your living room? Nazca is all about that, is the experience of having a piece of nature at your home.

A Tectonic Plate In Your Living Room

For people who like to live life in a intense way, Brabbu is the perfect brand. Nazca sideboard gives strength and power to your living room.

A Tectonic Plate In Your Living Room

Nazca sideboard is a tribute to mother nature, it reminds us of the movements that a tectonic plate makes and gives rhythm to your personal space as well as fierceness and strength. 

A Tectonic Plate In Your Living Room

It’s like hearing the nature’s heartbeat, Nazca sideboard is made of brass, walnut wood and passion. It is the perfect piece to add to your collection, it gives sophistication and a classic touch to your home. It’s luxury at its best.

A Tectonic Plate In Your Living RoomInnovation is one of the keys to success and Brabbu is all about that. With Brabbu you can experience all five senses and be inspired everyday by their products, it brings you back to good memories and sensations. Nazca was design with so much passion that if you put it on your personal space your life won’t ever be the same, in a good way.

A Tectonic Plate In Your Living Room


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