Top Luxury Wooden Cabinets

Wood is one of the finest and noblest materials ever, one of the first to be crafted by human beings – a true medium of transformation. Luxury wooden cabinets are proof of how such a primordial matter can stand up to the test of time in our daily routines, where being bold is the only secret. We present you a list of contemporary cabinets where wood is the main character. Hope you like it!

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Forest by Boca do Lobo

Giving preciousness to the banal use of furniture, day-to-day or common materials carries not only the creativity of the Forest cabinet, but also distinctly Boca do Lobo’s characteristics – the colors, the mixtures of materials, the creative chaos, and the triumph of the simple solutions.

Huang by Brabbu

Huang features an outside in walnut root veneer, an inside in rosewood veneer and details in matte hammered brushed aged brass. This wood cabinet brings instant character to any modern interior design. Luxury is a path and maybe you’ll find some questions on your way. Well, Brabbu has the answers.

Hepburn by Essential Home

Looking for a mid-century design with a contemporary twist? Hepburn stands on four slender and handmade polished brass legs. You can use it as a drinks cabinet, sitting well in a modern home bar or a private country club salon. Interior design is made of iconic details and remarkable pieces.

Orion by Brabbu

living room is like a constellation – it gathers what we love the most like stars carefully arranged in space. If you’re looking forward to a celestial living room, here is a cosmic solution. The Orion cabinet by Brabbu will enlight your galaxy like no other. Keep your eyes peeled.

D. Manuel by Boca do Lobo

The D. Manuel cabinet is the quintessential work of art for any interior design enthusiast. Paying homage to Portuguese traditions, this cabinet is a symbol of conquest and achievement. Because you won’t be victorious if you don’t accept the challenges of life. You need to take a step further and be unique. The same happens with your home decoration.


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