Mid-century Pleasures: Top 5 Sideboards by Essential Home

Mid-century design is alive and kicking. Essential Home, the decor’s time travel machine, is a brand that uses references from the past with a contemporary touch. You can expect a blend of different influences merged together that will give way to impressive ambiances. Today we will share our picks for the top 5 sideboards by Essential Home. Take a look.

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Vincent is a sideboard inspired by the art deco movement. What we see in the picture is a timeless example of sophistication and luxury. Made with the finest materials, it has a classic twist that will enhance any retro-inspired living room.


This one is the ultimate heart seducer. Mid-century modern living got materialized in a wonderful sideboard, known as Anthony, making use of playful geometric patterns and an astonishing sense of functionality. Retro gets contemporary on this one.


Next, we have this monumentally breathtaking sideboard. Strong, monolithic and gorgeous are the words that come to mind. Like all the other ones, the Kahn sideboard is the result of the finest craftsmanship. There’s no other combination like black and gold.


The Monocles sideboard is a bold statement piece written in gold. Mid-century admirers and retro lovers, this is for you. Essential Home knows how to make the perfect piece of furniture based on nothing but good references and an enormous passion that makes it the best of the best.


Scandinavian design roots reached other dimensions and Dandy is the answer for all interior design questions. It can be a sideboard or a drinks cabinet, depending on your home decor. It’s sleek, stylish and intimate. See for yourself!


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