Contemporary Luxury Chests

A home should be the treasure chest of living, right? In order to keep your most precious things somewhere safe and private, these contemporary luxury chests will do the trick for you. Going beyond the standard conventions of contemporary design through the finest craftsmanship, have a look and feel the boldness of ordinary objects turned into art.

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Crochet by Boca do Lobo

The mood of the moment dictates fantasy and heritage. As its name denotes, this sensational piece was inspired by the traditional craft of crochet, a process of creating a fabric that consists of pulling loops of yarn through other loops. We transmit our unique skill through technical and stylistic innovations. Here’s the Crochet chest.

Fantasy Air 3 and 6 Drawers by Circu

The Fantasy Air chest is a kids’ chest of drawers inspired by the Disney movie “Up” and it is the perfect storage item for a dreamy bedroom decoration. Built in wood, lacquered in glossy white, with details in synthetic leather and gold plated finishes, this is a remarkable, playful and creative design turned reality. Available with 3 or 6 drawers.

Poem by Koket

The subtly curved fronts of the Poem chest create the perfect frame for any bed. Upholstered in leather outlined by metal bands, this piece exudes modern-vintage glamour. The top of each elegant chest is finished with a sheet of glass to protect the leather.

Sky 3 and 6 Drawers by Circu

The Sky chest is a kids’ chest of drawers inspired by the Disney movie “Planes” and it really resembles vintage travel suitcases that reinforce a connection between children and exploring. Built in wood, lacquered in glossy grey, with details in synthetic leather and nickel finishes, it is available with 3 or 6 drawers. Sensational.

Tortuga by Boca do Lobo

Noble, elegant and bright, Tortuga is undeniably an outstanding design piece. It is a true celebration of the 21st Century, faithful to modern materials and lines without, forgetting a classic and elegant root. It was created in workshops where manual work always replies to very strict rules and with a team of qualified craftsmen who strive for excellence.


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