6 Statement Pieces to Rock Your Room In The Best Way

Pieces so extraordinary you could probably just have an empty room with it right in the middle. If you’re searching for that “one of a kind” piece of furniture, we present you the solution: 6 Statement Pieces to Rock Your Room In The Best Way!

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The Diamond Sideboard is a unique piece, so bold and outstanding you don’t need much more to make a division complete. This sideboard presents a silver leaf exterior, finished with a very trendy shade of translucent emerald green with high gloss varnish. Its three doors lead to a gold leaf interior with a set of shelves and drawers. Its base is entirely made of mahogany, lined with bronze mirror.
Go ahead and tell me this isn’t spectacular!


Anywhere you place the Pixel Cabinet, we guarantee you won’t be able to look anywhere else. Composed by a brass base and a large diversity of finishes on the body, its design carries the dedication and inspiration of those who built it. It has ten different wood leaf finishes just on the outside!


The Mondrian Sideboard is composed by a mahogany base and a box of tempered glass completely covered with multiple drawers and doors, which are made from mirror, lacquered glass and even has some leather details. This is not just a piece of furniture, it’s a piece of art and should be appreciated as such. Not only does it offer perfect storage space, it brings an artistic vibe to any room!


Manually produced from wood, with an irregular finish, the Bonsai Table executes simplicity and natural designs in the most sophisticated way possible. This comes to show us that sometimes the simplest of forms can go a very long way. This is honestly the kind of piece you’d save from a burning house! (But you can’t carry it alone, it weighs 170 kg).



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